Julio F Schwarzbeck

Computer Programmer, Full-Stack Web Application Engineer

Contact: julio@techfuel.net


Fisher Investments, Camas, WA — Sr. Application Developer


In charge of the internal back-end transaction systems, implementer of custom business rules for CRM, technical advisor to different business units. Hands-on programming of all systems that handle transmission of data to and from the firm. Zope application framework developer for internal systems. REST API developer, front and back-end API implementation and best practices architect, python consultant.

National Services Group, Irvine, CA — Sr. Software Engineer


Large-scale custom integration system based on the Zope framework, a nationwide access system. Plan, design and implementation of custom requirements, including implementation of upgraded and new technologies for the Zope framework in the Linux environment. Payroll connectivity to SYBASE-based database system for the accounting department. MySQL database administrator. System maintenance administration using CRON and Python scripts. High-performance load balancing server setup using Apache/Pound and ZEO.

CodeIt Computing, Irvine, CA Software Engineer


Planning, design and implementation of dynamic web applications, translation services and quality assurance and testing of new and current systems. Unit testing in order to achieve desired application functionality. Creation of system prototypes before the design phase of complex web applications. Maintenance of bug-tracking system on assigned projects. Coding of low-level functions written in Python to act as a glue to interact with external application in the Linux environment. Use of simulation processes to forecast system behavior under high load environments. Localization (language selection and translation) of current web systems. Sr. software developer and maintainer of largest customer in company, in charge of Web Development and maintenance of a large scale international retail store.

LASON International, Anaheim, CA — Software Engineer/Team Lead


Managed a group of 10 programmers for in-site application development for a Data Entry Warehouse company, involving the reception of images via satellite and the transmission of OCR-processed data back to the data center. Responsible for First Quality Assurance supervision on software releases. In charge for the scheduling of bug corrections. Main developer of tracking system software, involved in the reception and transmissions of images between USA, Mexico, China and the offshore Caribbean countries of Grenada and Barbados, West Indies, worked on-site. Database System Architect. Developed the company's web-based application to view the status for all the images being processed real-time. Defined internal program requirements and quality control processes. ".. If we can find five more Julio’s, we will definitely be set.." - Richard Coleman - (CEO, Digital Imaging Branch).


Instituto Tecnológico de Sonora, Sonora, México — BS Manufacturing and Systems Engineering


The Sonora Institute of Technology, is a U.S. accredited higher education entity located in the city of Obregon in the Northern state of Sonora, Mexico, this degree has an equivalence of a B.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering. U.S. degree equivalency was granted January 2000


pyForum pyForum is a message board system written exclusively in the Python programming language

Open Source (MIT-License) message board system written in Python. (http://www.pyforum.org)

QA Stack A Q&A site for the open source community.

Open Source project developed for the open source community inspired by Stack Overflow (https://www.techfuel.net/qastack/).

i-Track Web based issue and bug tracking system.

iTrack is another project released as Open Source (https://www.techfuel.net/itrack/).

TechFuel Networks Personal Website.



  • Experienced application developer with over thirteen years of hands-on experience developing dynamic web applications and computer system architectures. Innovative professional with proven ability to analyze, plan, design, and architecture complex dynamic back-end processes and front-end web applications.


Front End - Extensive experience in JavaScript / jQuery and their corresponding frameworks and libraries, asynchronous development aware, mobile-first and quick mock-up to requirements implementer.

Back End - Python specialist, secure transaction applications, data management in secure environments using cutting-edge technologies, implementation of custom business rules into existing applications with minimal intrusion, scripting and extensive understanding of technology.

Technical -HTML5/CSS3 Evangelist, JSON/REST/jQuery development, advanced python knowledge, web2py, Django, Zope Expert, Linux/OSX environments preferred, Bash scripting.


English, Spanish Bilingual, Fluent.